Chora - Dependable Innovation
Chora - Dependable Innovation

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The organizational culture at Chora is based on our vision and values which we all live by. Our most important resources are our employees.

Our organisation is small and everyone knows each other. At Chora, the path from an idea to decision-making is not far, and as a staff member you have the opportunity to put your stamp on our agenda. We are a dedicated team that appreciates changes beyond normal.

We work in a relaxed workspace environment with an informal atmosphere. In combination with a professional attitude, it increases the performance levels and job satisfaction of our employees.


Our core values are

INTEGRITY          INNOVATION           SECURITY           DRIVE           INFORMALITY


Working at Chora gives a great opportunity of career development. We are currently on a growth spurt, and you have the chance to be a part of that journey. As Chora is a company on the rise, there is a great possibility of growing within the organization – both vertically and horizontally, if that is your goal.

We acknowledge the importance of investing in our employees, and competence development is key. It can either take place through cooperation to solve specific tasks across different groups and departments, or through courses and education.




Meet a future colleague


Senior System Engineer

“I like to work at Chora because it is a small company where my voice is heard, the tasks are diverse and my colleagues are great. I am in direct contact with my peers many times during the day to discuss solutions, do code review or for planning. We strive to always improve ourselves.”


Advanced Senior Hardware Technician

“Working at Chora gives me great job satisfaction and, I enjoy showing up at work every day. I am challenged on a daily basis on the personal and technical level in my specialty as a RF Senior advanced electronic technician. All this motivates me to give my best every day. I am incredibly pleased with the flat organization and my colleagues who, in addition to being extremely competent, are great, heartwarming, welcoming and helpful people.”


Office Assistant

“In my job as office assistant I am mainly in charge of the kitchen, where I make lunch every day. I am also in charge of preparing for meetings, which involves serving coffee, tea and snacks etc. The best part of my job though, is in the kitchen, as I love experimenting with new recipes and I have the freedom to do so. I feel really appreciated by my coworkers as well, who are really down to earth and where compliments flow freely. It's also great to see everyone at lunch chatting and laughing together and I like how my work plays a little part in making that happen.”


Program Manager

“As a program manager, no day is the same. Usually, I am always on the go and working with customers around the world. One week I can be in Asia, the next week in Europe. So, every now and then, I miss cake day or social gatherings, like Board Game Night, Hackathons etc. But a stroll on a warm beach or testing on a mountain somewhere is definitely worth missing the cake for. I learn new things every day, due to interesting conversations at the lunch table with my colleagues.”